What Is Gold Farming?

Gold is valuable in real life and apparently it is also valuable in online games. The term "gold farming" is the the activity where an online player in an computer game tries to get (farm) as much gold or other valuable game items as he can. This is usually done by exploiting repetitive elements of the game's mechanics such as killing an important creature over and over to be rewarded with gold. First though, they would probably use a MMORPG leveling guide to learn how to gain levels quickly so they can farm faster.

There are estimates that say over 100,000 people in China are employed in gold farming "sweatshops". These Chinese gold farmers usually work long hours and their wages are very low. The in game gold and valuables they get have to then be sold for real money and have often been auctioned off on sites like Ebay. Ebay has started to crack down on this type of auction, however, and the gold farmers are having to find other ways to hawk their gold.

Now you know that the current price of gold can mean several different things: Real gold or online virtual gold!

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