Cash For Gold - How To Sell your Gold Jewelry

The current price of gold is so high that many people are trying to sell their old gold jewelry online. It seems you can buy and sell everything online and selling gold jewelry is no different.

If you want to sell your old gold that is laying around the house the best way to do it is through a company called Cash For Gold. The way it works is this:

1) First you request a FREE, INSURED Refiner’s Return Kit by completing the simple form the first page of the website.

2) When you get the kit in the mail, you place all your unwanted gold, silver or platinum jewelry in the secured envelope. Drop the pre-paid insured envelope at ANY convenient mail box at NO CHARGE!

3) They will then send you either a check or by using our system your payment will be deposited into your checking account within 24 HOURS!

This is a legitimate company that has been talked about on NBC America's Good Company morning show and written about in Forbes. If you go to the Cash For Gold website you can see several videos of how it works and see that they are the nation's largest buyer of gold. This is a great way to take advantage of the high current price of gold and do some cleaning around your house as well of your old unwanted jewelry.

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