Jim Jubak and Kinross Gold Co.

One of the ways to buy gold is to buy a gold stock. Jim Jubak of MSN Money has a portfolio which has done very well over time and in it right now one of his stock picks is gold stock Kinross Gold Co. (KGC).

He picked this stock in April of 2008 and with the currant price of gold at about $963, the stock is at the same price it was in April. It is sitting at $23.31 as of July 11 and his target is $24.00 per share by September of 2008.

That is not a whole lot of upside potential but with the stock market tanking like it is, this gold stock is probably safer than many other stocks in different industries.

If you are a stock investor, you might take a look at his Jubaks picks which have done so well over the last 5 years. He is a conservative investor and he thoroughly explains all his stock picks in a way that anyone can understand.

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