How To Sell Gold

If you sell gold at the right time it can make you richer for sure. Now that the current price of gold is historically high, now might be the right time to sell gold. Investors who are wise may use gold as a hedge against unfortunate mishaps and bad times in the economy.

If you are looking for a place to sell your gold jewelry you should try Dollars4Gold. This is how it works:

"When you complete the form they will send you a package containing all the materials you will need to ship items to our refinery. Simply place items containing gold, silver, platinum or palladium into the packaging materials (which include a pre-paid return shipping envelope).

Deposit the envelope in any US Postal Service mailbox. Your package will be insured against loss or damage for up to $100.00 in value and you can track your package using the tracking number that will be provided to you.

When they receive your shipment they will analyze your valuables using non-destructive testing and assign a value to them based upon the weight and purity of your items and the current market price of the precious metal.

They will immediately forward a check to you. If you are satisfied with the payment, cash the check. If you are not satisfied, return the check to them and we will send you back your items. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!"

Give Dollars4Gold a try.

If you are interested in selling other kinds of gold you first you need to learn about the different purity levels of gold and the different forms in comes in. If you have coins and ingots of pure gold, you can most likely sell them in coin shops or jewelry stores. If you have jewelry and gold plated items, those can be worth money also. Shares of gold mining stocks and precious maetal shares are the most common way of owning larger amounts of gold.

Secondly, you need to know that the current price of gold changes everyday but the buyers of gold set their prices at the beginning of each day before they open for business. Gold at the end of the day will be worth no more or no less than it was valued at the beginning of the day.

To receive and instant payout for your gold, take it to stores which specialize in gold and can be found in the phone book under "precious metal dealers". You will usually be able to sell your gold scraps and gold jewelry to these types of dealers.

If you like, you can also sell your gold on Ebay or you can use Ebay to get an aproximation of what your gold is worth. Ebay is a free marketplace and you can sometimes get good prices for your gold jewerly there. Signing up is free and easy at Ebay.

If you own shares of a gold mining company, you would buy and sell them just like you would any other stock.

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