Many investors have a dilemma right now of whether to invest in stocks or in gold. The cost of gold is hovering around an all time high and that should make any one who invests in gold a bit nervous. Right now the stock market is also rallying and has surged past 10,000. Anyone who has bought stocks this year has probably done very well.

People love gold when things get uncertain and these times sure qualify as that. Gold has done quite well during the past 2 to 3 years and held its own but now you have to wonder whether it is about topped out. Investing in something that is near or at a high has to make any real investor think twice. Althought the financial problems of the world are by no means over, that is no guarantee that gold will continue to go up.

Stocks have also made a big comeback from their lows in the 6000's and one has to wonder whether things may cool down for a bit. If you decided to just hang on to all your stocks during this rocky 3 year period, you are still down from the Dow's high point of 14,000 but you have most likely gotten a good chunk back. Is it too late now to put more money back in?

Investors always face tough decisions of where to put their money so that it will give them the best returns. If your choice is between buying gold and picking the best stocks to buy right now, it is indeed a close call. The pundits always have their opinions but you never really know how committed to them they are and whether they have any of their own money invested. Choosing between gold and stocks in 2010 is going to be a difficult call and so maybe it is best to hedge your bets and put some money in each.

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