Somewhere toward the end of 2008 gold was dipping towards 700 and if you bought it then, you are quite happy right now. After reaching that low point, it has steadily gone up to where it is now in the mid 900's.

However, it has not gone up since it previously reached it's high near the beginning of 2008 and so for over a year and a half it has not made any money for you. The cost of gold is near an all time high and that makes one wonder whether it is smart to buy gold right here.

Right now there are not many places to invest your money and expect to do well. Savings bonds, bank CD's, and US Treasuries all pay next to nothing in interest. This means if you want to make money you have to take a risk.

Unfortunately stocks aren't doing much better although they have climbed back from their lows in the 6000's up to where the Dow is now at about 9,500. You can put money in stocks right here but most everyone agrees the tough times are not over and so how much upside potential there is in stocks is debatable. It seems there is as much downside risk in stocks as there is upside potential.

Current gold prices make investing in gold an iffy proposition as well. Gold might break up above 1000 and continue to go up but then it could do just the opposite just as easily. Right now, with the US government handing out so much money and going into more debt than ever before, the state of the economy and our future is extremely uncertain.

If you want to make money with the current price of gold, it seems you are taking a risk just like you would be if you bought into stocks. Gold prices, stock prices, and other investment vehicles are very uncertain right now. It seems the only thing that is certain is that you will not be able to make any money safely for a very long period to come without taking some risk.

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