I am in the process of moving from one state to another and as it is too far to drive, everything is going with professional movers. This is the one time I am REALLY glad I don't have any gold bars because how would I ever get them from one place to the other?

All my valuable papers (passport, will, car title, etc) will go with me on the airplane. I don't want to take the chance that the movers would lose them because it would be a huge hassle to get them replaced. What I realized that all my gold coins that I store in my bank box were going to have to go with me on the plane as well and that made me a bit nervous.

I have about 15 gold coins that I inherited from my Uncle and a few I have bought on my own. With the cost of gold being so high now, that means I had to go through airport security with about $30,000 in coins. I was of course a little uneasy about carrying that much on me but I couldn't see any other alternative.

I put the gold coins in my computer bag and put it on the conveyer belt that runs through the x-ray machine. The person looking at my bag did spend longer checking it out than normal and then they told me they wanted to run it through a second time. After looking at it again they gave me the bag and told me everything was okay.

I was relieved they didn't ask to do a manual search through my bag because I didn't really want anyone to see the gold coins or know that I was carrying that much. I can't imagine what someone would do if they had to move gold bars from one location to another!

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