I have a short video you can see below of a gold coin and 6 Carson City silver dollars I got from my Mom's house. In the video I show how much they are going for on Ebay which is a pretty fair judgement of what I can get for them.

My belief is that the Grant Wood American Arts gold medallion is worth around $1,100 and I think the value is based on the current cost of gold. In other words, the value of it is dependant on the price of gold and NOT on the rarity of the coin or the collector's value.

I think it is a different situation for my 6 Carson City silver dollars. I believe those are collectors items as they are a piece of history. Some of the value comes from the silver but most of the value comes from the fact that there are only so many of them and collectors want them.

I am wanting to obtain gold and silver as insurance against more bad things happening with our country and economy. If hyperinflation or something really bad happens, my thinking is that gold will maintain its value but those 6 Carson City dollars will not because they are only valuable for their historic value and not the actual value of the silver in the coin. If I am wrong about any of this please let me know.

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