Gold stocks have been going down with the rest of the market now for a long time. Is now perhaps the right time to start buying gold again?

People have been selling gold for one reason because they have had to liquidate all their good investments to pay off their bad ones. Many hedge funds have been selling gold for that very reason. But now that things have settled down a bit, perhaps gold will turn around and start going up. Gold cannot keep going down like the financial stocks can because gold is not in trouble like the rest of the market is.

Nothing is wrong with gold like it is with the financial stocks and all the retail stocks that are getting hit hard in this beginning of a recession. Gold is traditionally a safe place to put your money in tough times and right now should be no different. Buying gold in the form of gold stocks is much the same as actually owning the gold yourself. If the current price of gold goes up, so will the value of your gold stocks in all liklihood.

On Friday November 21, gold had a big day and some stocks like Kinross gold made jumps of more than 20%. Now on Monday November 24th, Kinross is up again for the second straight day. This is a good sign that gold will not keep going down forever like it seems the rest of the market is doing. Gold will always be gold and will retain it's value. This is why people have invested in gold for thousands of years in one form or another.

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