Why Invest In Gold?

No matter what the current price of gold is, the question might be asked "why invest in gold?" Historically, gold investing has been a proven method of maintaining value when stocks are going down, inflation is occurring, and/or the national currency is being devalued.

Investing in gold is like having an insurance policy. If you fear that rough times are ahead, investing in gold would be the right thing to do. Gold is now almost at $1000 per ounce and many people predict it will continue to rise for some time.

Although gold has done very well for the last 5 years, it did not do well prior to that. The 80's and 90's saw very little movement in the price of gold. This is something to take into consideration when deciding whether to invest in gold. Nothing is guaranteed and the current price of gold may not hold as it is already historically high. However, for the concervative investor who wants to protect themselves from inflation and the falling stock market, gold is a good choice for your investment dollar.

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